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Name that hockey team!

Nommez nos équipes!

The Board of Directors is looking for suggestions for a name, colours and a logo for the new Zone 5 AAA team that represents Eastern Ontario. 

We welcome suggestion from anyone all members of the hockey community – players, parents, coaches, managers, etc.  We are seeking a bilingual name if possible.

Please submit your suggestions to:
Robert Lavigne by March 16, 2007.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

For more information, please visit:



Le comité de direction de la Zone 5 AAA, demande votre aide pour trouver le meilleur nom, logo et choix de couleurs pour nos équipes AAA.

On encourage des suggestions de tous ceux qui sont impliqués dans la communauté de hockey de l’est de l’Ontario – les joueurs, parents, entraîneurs, gérants, etc.

SVP envoyez votre suggestion (bilingue si possible) à l'attention de Robert Lavigne avant le 16 mars 2007.

Merci à l'avance pour vos nombreuses suggestions.

Pour de plus amples infortmations, svp visitez:












Information for coaches/Information pour entraineurs

Coach applications / Applications d'entraineur

Zone 5 AAA Newsletter March edition

The following documents were released in early January 2007. They are all in draft format, and subject to further changes.

League constitution (PDF only)

Franchise by-laws (PDF)

Coach selection process (PDF)

Franchise Operating Policies (PDF)

Sample Team Budget (PDF)


Presentation to ODMHA Minor Council, Dec 14, 2004

PDF version

Powerpoint version

Outcome of Dec 14 ODMHA Minor Council meeting, Dec 14, 2006

PDF version

MS Word version

Other Documents

Proposed League structures

PDF version

MS Excel Version