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Arbitres / Referees

What you need to know about referees, suspensions, rules & discipline

Referee Pay rates for 2007-08 season


Ice time length
(includes flood)

Regular game


Atom Rep B

60 minutes

Ref: $18,  Lines:  2 x $15 (Total $48)


Atom AA

70 minutes

Ref: $21,  Lines:  2 x $17 (Total $55)


Peewee Minor A

70 minutes

Ref: $24,  Lines:  2 x $18 (Total $60)


PeeWee Major AA

90 minutes

Ref: $32,  Lines:  2 x $23 (Total $78)


Bantam regular

90 minutes

Ref: $36,  Lines:  2 x $26 (Total $88)


Bantam extended ice

120 minutes

Ref: $45,  Lines:  2 x $32 (Total $109)


Midget regular

90 minutes

Ref: $38,  Lines:  2 x $28 (Total $94)


Midget extended ice

120 minutes

Ref: $48,  Lines:  2 x $34 (Total $116)


  • You must pay the referees before the game starts.  If they are not paid before the game, they will not get on the ice.
  • Please have the exact change to pay each official.  For example, for a Midget extended ice game, you will need $116, as follows:   $48 for the referee (2 x $20 + $5 +$2 + $1), and $34 for each linesman (1 x $20 + 1 x $10 + $4) (i.e. do not pay them with (5 x $20 + 1 x $10 + $5 + $1).  
  • Consult the 2007-08 ODMHA Pay Rates for additional information.
  • In addition, your team is responsible for paying referee mileage costs. Please consult the mileage chart. When your referees are scheduled, the assigner will tell you the mileage fee.
  • Please check the referee room 20 minutes before your game to ensure referees are present.  Contact District 3 RIC Mark Moynes and/or Michael Tansey if no referees show up. Contact information is available at the bottom of the page.

Major penalties/suspensions

You must report all major penalties to the following people within 24 hours of the game:

This includes all Misconduct penalties (M20 to M26 on your game sheet), Game Misconducts (GM 30 to GM42), Gross Misconduct (GRM 50 to GRM 54), Match (MP 60 to MP 70).  Please report the code and the infraction – we are still seeing mistakes on scoresheets by scorekeepers, and more details helps us sort things out when it is not clear (for example GM 40 for Checking from Behind, etc).  Even if no suspension results, major penalties must be reported.  

The game sheet has changed slightly this year – there is a new column for “served by” under penalties, and several new penalty codes have been added or changed.

Referee assignments

Mark Moynes will assign referees for our home games this year.  He will confirm the name and phone number of the officials assigned to each game.  Mark’s preferred method of communications is e-mail.

Rescheduled games/Schedule changes

You must notify Mark Moynes and your league convenor of any changes in your schedule as soon as they are made.

Rule Emphasis for 2006-07

  • Unchanged from last year. Please consult the Hockey Canada Rule Emphasis for 2006-07.  You should have received a copy of the DVD explaining the 2006-07 Rule Emphasis.  Please contact me if you have not received your copy.  

Rule changes for 2005-07
There are several rule changes for 2005-07.  Of particular note (unchanged from last year):  

  • Rule 20 (c), which allows a player who has replaced an injured goaltender to return to the game as a defence or forward, at the peewee level and below only.
  • Rule 57 (c), which stipulates that a player who is guilty of face-off encroachment cannot take the ensuing face-off; 
  • Rule 78 (e).   If a coach/team official refuses to leave the bench after being assessed a GM, Gross or Match penalty, the referee gives him two minutes to leave.  If he still refuses, the game is suspended.  Even if he does leave within this period, an additional GM and a five minute timed major penalty is assessed against the team.

There are several other changes, mostly minor changes in wording.  For full details, please see the attached document:  consult the Rule Changes Summary for 2005-07

Code of Discipline

Please familiarize yourself with the 2007-08 ODMHA Code of Discipline. If you have any questions about whether a call by a referee in one of your games will lead to a suspension, please contact Mike Tansey.

Rule/Case Book
I strongly advise all coaches to purchase a copy of the new 2005-07 Hockey Canada Rule book/Case book, and familiarize yourself with it.  You will be surprised about how much you don’t know about the game! It is available from the ODMHA. In the meantime, please consult the Hockey Canada Rule Book.

Here is one rule you won’t have to look up, but that will be strictly enforced:

Rule 81

(e) At the end of each period, all players must remain on their respective players' or penalty bench until directed off by the Referee. The Visiting Team shall leave the ice first, unless otherwise directed by the Referee. Failure to comply shall result in a Bench Minor penalty. Any unusual circumstances shall be reported to the President.

NEW (2005-06):
A Game Misconduct Penalty shall be assessed to the Coach of any team that fails to comply with this rule at the end of the game if an altercation that results in penalties of any kind is either in progress as the game ends or begins after the game has ended.


Please don’t hesitate to call for any reason – a rule clarification, if you aren’t sure if something should be reported, an issue with a referee, whatever.  I will provide whatever assistance I can.  

Michael Tansey
Cobras Director responsible for referees
(613) 487-3765
(613) 851-4587 (Cell)

Mark Moynes
District 3 Referee-in-Chief
(613) 852-5626